Perspectives on Degas Cover

Perspectives on Degas, (ed.) Kathryn Brown (Routledge, 2016). ISBN-13: 978-1472439970

The first comprehensive assessment of Degas’s legacy to be published in over two decades, this multi-author volume unites a team of international scholars to analyze Degas’s work, artistic practice, and unique methods of pictorial problem-solving. Established scholars and curators examine Degas’s paintings, prints, sculptures, and drawings and show how recent trends in art historical thinking can prompt viewers to re-evaluate their engagement with Degas and re-conceive of his place in the art historical narrative of the nineteenth-century avant-garde. Questions posed by contributors include: what interpretive approaches are open to a new generation of art historians in the wake of a vast body of existing scholarship on nineteenth-century art? In what ways can feminist analyses of Degas’s works continue to yield new results? Which of Degas’s works have received less attention in critical literature to date and what does study of them reveal? As the centenary of Degas’s death approaches, this book re-evaluates the critical reception of his work and identifies ways in which the further study of his multi-faceted output and its display can enhance understanding of the wider scientific, literary, and artistic ideas that circulated in France during the latter decades of the nineteenth century.

You can listen to a podcast about the book here: New Books in French.

The book has been reviewed in Nineteenth-Century French Studies, H-France, and French Studies.

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Degas A Strange New Beauty Exhibition Catalogue

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Edgar Degas, Mademoiselle Bécat aux Ambassadeurs, c. 1877,

National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.